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6th February 2017

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The unique full day educational event for the audio community

AudioForum, organized by Connessioni in cooperation with AES - Audio Engineering Society, is a full day educational event dedicated to audio professionals, systems integrators, installers. AudioForum is part of the official education program of ISE and is supported by ISE itself. AudioForum program covers, one edition after the other, the "hot" topics in the audio market. AudioForum@ISE2017 will present: Audio from the electronics perspective. Processing, DSPs, Software and Firmware for design, monitoring, set up

AudioForum will celebrate its 11th edition during ISE 2017, (after Milan, Mumbai, Beijing and Amsterdam), and will take place the show eve.

AudioForum’s aim is also to gather the audio community and the systems integration industry, that so many aspects have in common, under the same roof. To share views, discussing, and building a new business together.

Who should participate

AudioForum@ISE2017 is dedicated to consultants, sound designers, system integrators, installers, companies and anyone interested in knowing more about the latest audio technologies

Why participating

At AudioForum@ISE you will learn about softwares and technologies for prediction and set up, steering and control, decentralized DSP solutions, software and firmware for design and monitoring. And much more….

When and Where

AudioForum@ISE will take place on the 6th February, the ISE eve, from 10 am to 5,30 pm. Room G001/G002 at Amsterdam RAI

Audio from the electronics perspective

Processing, DSPs, Software and Firmware for design, monitoring, set up

6th February - Amsterdam RAI - Room G001/G002
Regular conference ticket for AudioForum@ISE2017: 89 euros
until 22nd January (extended)
Early Bird Ticket, from 23rd to 29th january: 49 euros
During the last years, audio has been dealing more and more with digital, with electronics, with IT. Professionals can count today on a big help from electronics side: thanks to different tools, from DSPs to softwares, to powerful processing instruments, they can easily reach total control, monitoring, remote management, and even anticipating a system or a speaker behavior
Monday, 6th February
Morning Seminars
Welcome Coffee
Introduction and Welcome to Delegates
Design of modern audio products: DSP options and issues:

Digital signal processors (DSPs) have been a fundamental item of audio processing units in the last decades.
An overview of the most relevant players, and of current trends in DSP will help to understand the background of comemrcial products.
Embedded DSP development differs from code development for native processing, and a system-level summary of the options can help in planning new products design.

Umberto Zanghieri
DSP from the users’ perspective

Loudspeaker correction, coverage control, virtual acoustics and automated noise pollution measurements

Ruud Kaltofen – DSP Systems Designer, President AES Dutch Section
12,30 – 13,15
Using DSP Control and Feedback Loop in Advanced Subwoofer Design for Very High Output.

Nowadays the combination of modern digital management and control, innovative transducer design and innovative amplifier design makes possible to dramatically improve the performances of subwoofer systems in terms of maximum output capabilty and very low frequency reproduction. This seminar will show how transducer design can be optimized and maximized in order to be coupled to some special Class D amplifiers creating a close coupled Loudspeaker and Amplifier marriage, and how this marriage can generate a unique and innovative approach to loudspeaker system design for low frequency. It will be also shown how these two elements can be combined with advanced DSP Loudspeaker Processing in order to improve performances and adapt the transducer characteristics to the specific acoustic system generating a new approach to subwoofer design. The seminar will show the design philosophy and the exsiting products that practically implement it, along with the help of some experimental results.


Mario Di Cola – Consulting Sound Engineer, Owner at Audio Labs Systems
13,15-14,30 Lunch
Afternoon Seminar
Decentralized DSP solutions

Advanced audio system design often require audio sources from various locations in a building to be routed and distributed. The speaker will show you how to optimise your design using the most powerful DSP tools available while optimizing the audio network and offering full remote control.

Next to the design of a decentralized DSP system this seminar will focus on power management, cooling requirements, system configuration and monitoring of the audio system.

Marc Kocks Business Development Manager Poweroft – Fixed Install
Acoustic simulations in sound reinforcement: methods, problems, possible improvements

In the last years acoustic simulations and software tools are more and more crucial in the sound reinforcement, from both a technical and commercial point of view. Every manufacturer needs to provide a software solution for virtual installation of products; anyway an accurate model of the complete audio + acoustic chain is very complex and a compromise is often needed. The speaker will provide an overview of methods and problems connected to acoustic simulations: algorithms, but also sound sources definition. Balloon response measurement and storage is one of the most crucial points and will be discussed, including some proposals for improving the accuracy without increasing the costs.

Paolo Martignon
Paolo Martignon – Audio Labs Systems
 16,00 – 16,20
 Possible mistakes in analog to digital audio conversion and vice versa, with real world examples

A short introduction to buzz words like: sample rate, big depth, Nyquest, quantization and dither.


Arjen Sulman – Chief System Designer at MMconcept


16,20 Q&A session
16,40 Coffee&beer!
ISE – Integrates Systems Europe
ISE – Integrates Systems Europe

The event was launched in 2004 to fulfill the need for a pan-European forum for the emerging markets of professional AV and electronic systems integration. The show grew quickly to become the undisputed annual marketplace for these industries – a focus not only for doing business but also for networking, education and technological innovation. Always owned by not-for-profit trade associations, ISE has been a joint venture between InfoComm International and the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) since 2007.

ISE – Integrates Systems Europe
Event locationRAI Auditorium, rooms G001/G002

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